{Back to our Roots}

After transplanting ourselves into the country, life began to slow. It gave us time to look around and see how others were doing things when the hurry wasn’t so great. We started to see glimpses of the way the world used to work before the convenience of plastic began to take over. Back when baking was wrapped in a cotton towel and veggies were collected in wooden crates. All of a sudden making the change to carry and transport things without plastic didn’t seem so complicated... It felt familiar. The realization was that we don’t need these single-use plastics we have just become accustomed to them.

{Slow Sustainable Solutions}

Change doesn’t have to come in fierce and fast. It needs to be organic and realistic. The idea of living a zero-waste lifestyle seems romantic and inspiring to many ~ but putting to action those ideas can seem overwhelming. The Better Farm Co. is about encouraging you to make small, doable changes at a pace you can sustain. We aren’t perfect, and we don’t expect you to be either. Our mission is to make the switch to conscious buying more accessible for the everyday human in us all.