• Q: Are your shopping sets washable?
  • Q: Will my grocery store know how to weigh my produce in the mesh bags?
  • Q: Are your sets ethically made?
  • Do you sell your products wholesale?
  • A: Yes. These sets are meant to last and be used repeatedly. Use a gentle detergent and wash with like colours. Hang on clothes line or lay flat to dry. Why waste energy when fresh air can do the trick?

  • A: The answer is not always, but you can teach them. More and more stores are getting used to customers choosing to bring their own bags, so this is becoming less foreign. Canada is a bit behind when it comes to the plastic free movement – but it’s catching on. We have included the Tare weight on the back of each label (on our mesh bags) to make this easy. Bulk and health food stores are getting super-efficient at making this an easy process.

  • A: Yes! Choosing a manufacturer was no easy feat and it took us nearly 6 months to find the one that fit with our ethos. Making sure that we aligned ourselves with a manufacture that shares our social and environmental values was and always will be our priority.  Just like you, we have great concern for overseas workers and ethical working conditions. You can be assured that the workers that create these bags are paid a fair wage, work fair hours and no minors are permitted to work on premise. We can proudly say that we have come to know our manufactures on a personal level and have built strong relationships with them.

  • We absolutely do! We have stockists across Canada and the United States carrying the Farm in their stores. Visit our Wholesale page for more information.