We Like Our Coffee Wild and Over Ice

We Like Our Coffee Wild and Over Ice

When it comes to life at the Farm we pretty much like everything to have an earthy grit that we can feel rooted to. When we aren't neck-deep in a project at home we can almost always be found meandering a forest trail that leads up to a new adventure. 

It is also no secret that it is the simple things in life that we find the most enjoyment in. Good people, beautiful sunsets, big adventures, great food, and our local community are our jam. So when it came to closing out our Summer Series featuring one of our favourite local companies was a must. 

So grab a spot to sit or take a knee as we share a bit about the iconic and unique brand that Jamie Parker and Mike Wenzlawe created, called Heritage Roasting Company. 

Local to Calgary and about as grassroots as you can get these two built a coffee roasting company based on adventure and passion and I promise you can taste it in every cup. 

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company is built by the wilderness that drives it. They meticulously marry fresh and bold coffee with the urge to explore. The company found its inspiration over a percolated cup of coffee on a backpacking trip one morning in the rolling hills of Alberta, Canada. Their methods and values were forged from their experiences as wildland firefighters. Since then, the company's foundation continued to grow and evolve during backyard BBQs, weekend mountain adventures, cold ones with friends, and late nights under star-filled skies.

Like their beans, the love grew naturally. Through experimentation and time, they learned more about the art of coffee roasting.  They knew they had something special. CHRC is the home-grown, outback, rugged, mountain-fresh, clear skies sort of thing that Alberta is all about. 

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company believes in active collaboration, giving back to the community, and getting back to nature. Obviously something that we fiercely support; and it makes it pretty easy to jump on board when the guys running it are total gems. 

We first came to know Mike and Jamie from the local market scene and eventually it would have us driving all the way into town to sip on a freshly roasted cup of Joe under the giant photo of Bubba, the big friendly grizzly bear that has come to be the face of their logo. 

Their focus on sustainability and community made them the perfect final parter to share with you as we close out the summer and head into fall. 

Today we are featuring their Burnt Timber dark roast. Roasted fresh and ready for all your days' adventures this is a bold kick you in the ass kind of flavor that will have you coming back for more. We love the rich chocolaty notes and smooth rich finish. 

Heritage Roasting Company Burnt Timber

While this roast can definitely start your day in a steamy mug our favourite way to drink it lately has been on ice in a tall mason jar at home or poured deep into our Yeti when the mountains are calling. Here is our take on farm-made iced coffee.


 Wild Iced Coffee Burnt Timber Style

The hardest part of this recipe is remembering to brew your coffee the evening before using good-quality coffee beans. That way, it can come to room temperature by the time the morning comes around. I have just got into the habit of brewing our coffee as I am cleaning up from making dinner, that way I am already in the kitchen and my coffee is always waiting for me the next day. 

Next, I recommend whipping up a batch of simple syrup, but only if you need it. It's an easy one to one ratio that we keep in a mason jar in the fridge for cocktails and coffee year-round. A batch should last you for a few weeks unless you like to douse your coffee in sugary goodness. No judgment here. Finally, we add a splash of milk or half-and-half, although I highly recommend the latter. We make this with all kinds of nut milk as well at home. 


  • Simple syrup - to taste
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • 1 cup coffee, at room temperature
  • 2 tablespoons half and half (or milk choice), or more, to taste


    1. To make the simple syrup, combine sugar and 1 cup water in a medium saucepan over medium heat, stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Let cool completely and stir in vanilla extract; set aside.
    2. Serve coffee over ice with half and half and simple syrup, to taste.

    So wherever your day leads you, we hope it stirs a wild desire from within to seek adventure and have your passion lead you.

    If you are local to Calgary we highly suggest swinging by Heritage Roasting Company in the heart of Inglewood. It is located in a beauty of an old brick building and the open roasting station is absolutely gorgeous and worth the trip to see. You will love the homey wooden tables and cozy outdoor vibe as you indulge in a great cup of coffee. If you're not from Calgary you can order their beans online and you can be sure that they come roasted fresh, especially for you.