Tare Market

Tare Market

We feel truly blessed that our little business has stretched its wings into the United States and we wanted to share a little bit about one of our favorite American shops. 

Tare Market is a lovely zero-waste store that we have been supplying with our Mesh Produce Bags for some time and the more they grow the more blessed we feel to be along for the ride. 

Kate and Amber have done an incredible job of creating and curating Minneapolis's first zero-waste store and (re)fill shop and it has been a pleasure building a relationship with them over the past year. They both have backgrounds in biology are passionate about the environment and form a beautiful foundation in which to build a truly inclusive and educational experience for conscious shoppers. 

Tare Market

At Tare Market, they want to make sustainable living convenient and accessible to all people, so as a community they can decrease our environmental impact. This is something our company strives for and that we were drawn to right away. 

It is no secret that the thought of going zero-waste or plastic-free can feel daunting and often can make us feel insignificant when we think of all that we need to do to make an impact and can cause us to question whether our lone impact can really make a difference.

That is why we are so in line with Tare's philosophy. Working alone to promote change is a massive undertaking, but working together the impact is far greater and the sustainability of your actions is much more achievable. The concept is simple, many people doing a few things really well together makes a much greater impact that one person doing things perfectly. Change comes through education, community, and support and that is what Tare Market is providing to their loyal customers. 

Like so many businesses in this last quarter they have had to deal with the challenges of Covid 19 and have done a beautiful job of keeping their customers up to date with safe accommodations that still allow shoppers to shop their bulk goods and provide healthy and package free nourishment for their families. 

Their primary goal is to do their part to improve the environment and keep this planet, that we all call home, beautiful and healthy. They focus on providing accessible options for plastic-free, eco-friendly, and as-local-as-possible lifestyle products, bulk shelf-stable foods, and refillable liquids. 

Tare Market

In order to simplify the process for their customers, they make it their duty to vet the products that they carry, so their customers can reduce their carbon footprint, lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and live more in tune with the natural environment.

Another reason we love Tare Market so much is because of their why. They didn't open their little shop on a whim they did it because the world needs places like them. 

Did you know that the average American generates over 4 pounds of trash per day? And that the methane gas released from the rotting trash in landfills warms the planet 86 times more than carbon dioxide in the first two decades it is released, before turning into carbon dioxide itself? And that the average plastic bag is used for 12 minutes and can then take up to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill? And that only 9% of plastics used actually get recycled? This is just the tip of the iceberg....

Facts like these mixed with their own personal experiences and changes that they have seen in their short lifetimes regarding plastic use and overuse of disposables, and the devastating effects of these choices on our wildlife, environment, and climate, propelled them to come up with a solution to clean up our planet. They want to change the status quo on our throw-away culture, educate people on how to live more sustainably and provide resources for everyone to make simple changes to their lifestyles that can positively impact our planet. This is why we LOVE expanding our brand into stores that are making a difference.

Tare Market

Finding like-minded brands that are passionate about doing better is what our stockist relationships are built on. We are humbled that they have trusted in our brand and continue to share our reusable bags in their store. There are many companies and brands out there and the fact that they have chosen to stock The Better Farm Co. means the world to us. From bulk foods to household items and children's products Tare is doing great things.