Sustainable Produce Delivery

Sustainable Produce Delivery

One of the many wonderful things that we absolutely love about being a small local business is the relationships we get to build with our stockists. Learning about their own shops and ventures and the stories and people behind them are some of the most special moments in our day.

We are lucky enough to have our product lines carried in a variety of stores, farms, restaurants, cooking schools, juice bars, and markets across North America. Some of them are large corporate ventures that allow us to expand our brand through well known and trusted retailers that believe in us and some are tiny family-owned treasures that are a secret to many. 

Today I would like to share about a lovely little farm nestled in on the far east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. 

Mayflower Market is a family-owned and operated farm located in Falmouth Nova Scotia. Originally established as Mayflower Farm in 1985 by Nico and Ina van Schie.

In 2011 their son Ben returned to work on the farm with his father Nico, primarily producing free-range poultry. As Ben and his wife Stephanie settled in they began to see a new vision, and in early 2016 Mayflower Market was established. Born from an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle and spend more time together as a family with their two young boys and baby girl.

The brand started by growing vegetables for friends and family and soon grew into a passion. As time went on their garden and dreams grew to share their harvest with surrounding communities. They now have expanded to growing and delivering vegetables in the Windsor/Falmouth area and also HRM.

Stephanie and Ben now grow a large variety of vegetables and herbs. They have chosen to grow their crops in an environmentally conscious way and have committed to growing their produce without the use of sprays, chemicals, and pesticides.

What we have come to love about this sweet farm is their creativity and desire to bring the Farm to their customers' doorstep. It is such a simple and yet unique concept and one that we are so thrilled to be a part of. 

Customers join their vegetable delivery program and have the option to order fresh locally sourced chicken and turkeys once a month in addition to the fresh organic produce that they grow.

Like us, this family loves country living and having the opportunity to teach their children the value of living a healthy and simple lifestyle.

When Stephanie approached us with the vision of making their program plastic free this year we were thrilled to help. Her humble request to be a part of their small farms initiative made a large imprint on our hearts. 

This year they decided to offer customers (who signed up early) one of our Natural Cotton Shopping Bag Sets to be used throughout the season. What a beautiful way to go plastic-free and encourage customers to make more sustainable choices by carrying reusable cotton bags. 

Reusable Grocery Bags

It is now spring and the first produce orders have been delivered. I can't think of a more special delivery to find on my step then a beautifully packed set of reusable organic bags spilling over with locally grown and sourced produce and meats.