Into the Woods with Lekker Ciders

Into the Woods with Lekker Ciders

This week we are sharing our Summer Series Cocktails at the Farm from our extension of the farm. Slipping out of the responsibilities and chores that come from living in the country comes with much planning and deep gratitude when we know that we can trust our animal's care and our home to someone while we are away. 

We don't escape often but when we do it almost always means that we are heading for our little cabin nestled in the woods. Tucking ourselves into the trees with the days calling for a perfect blend of adventuring and relaxing is much needed. This weekend we were super excited about bringing Lekker Cider with us. 

If you aren't familiar with this local (to Calgary) brand you should put it on your list to get acquainted. Their modern edge to some old school practices is carving the way for some really cool new beverage experiences. 

It's timely that we are tipping our cans to this brand as they celebrate their second birthday in August. You would never know that this little brand is a fledgling just starting to take flight. 

Their story is one that we can appreciate as it is similar to ours in the sense that they followed their hearts, reached past their established career paths to pursue their passion. We love that this couple took their love for food and creativity and poured their hearts into bringing their homebrew out of the basement and into the heart of a city that was needing a fresh twist on a classic. 

Not only will you fall in love with their branding, clever marketing, and colour pallet your tastebuds will thank you as you tip back some of the coolest blends of flavours we have ever experienced in a cider.

For the longest time I thought that I wasn't a fan of ciders, what I have since learned is that I am not a fan of bad cider. What I love about Lekker is that they truly care about what goes into their craft. Their ciders are not full of chemicals and artificial ingredients and it shows. They took the time to find the right apples and acknowledge the reality that apples are a "living product" and therefore depending on when they are harvested and processed they lend different flavours and therefore different experiences. This to us is the magic behind their brand. When the product shares a story that comes from nature we fall in love with it all the more. 

It's no secret that we don't live a graceful and fancy life. We are gritty and almost always are neck-deep in some kind of hands-on adventure. We aren't huge drinkers but when we do take part we make sure that whenever possible we are supporting local and finding beverages that match our tastes and lifestyle. So when Lekker decided to partner with us for this collaboration they were checking all the boxes. 

I couldn't wait to pack these super pretty cans with us to indulge in on the adventures that were awaiting us this weekend. They shared two flavors that we haven't yet tried and we are so glad they did. 

Lekker Cider

First up let's talk about The Eiland Guava Bru. They had me at guava and sealed the deal when they made sure to leave this cider nice and dry. I am not a fan of sweet drinks, especially when the sun is shining and you want to quench that heat. 

The Eiland Guava Bru – the wahine

Fermented dry with South African white wine yeast, blended with fresh guava juice and left unfiltered, this cider is bursting with tropical fruit and has hip-swinging finesse. Summer in a can. 

  • Sweetness: Dry

  • Alc./Vol.: 5.6%

  • Apple Varieties: 100% Pacific Northwest Apples - Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Honey Crisp

  • Yeast Strain: South African White Wine

  • Pairs With: Sunshine, flip flops and long summer nights, pulled pork, base for your next tiki cocktail.

Next up is The PNW Bru. It reminds me of summer days as a kid with my face dripping with the juice of homemade fruit salad and Hubba Bubba bubbles being blown between my lips. It quite simply the most balanced summer drink to share on a patio or at the resting point on your long afternoon hike. 

The Pacific Northwest Bru - the classic

Fermented dry with Belgian beer yeast and left unfiltered, this classic is bursting with apricot, mango, pineapple, and a hint of bubblegum - it’s enticingly crushable.

  • Sweetness: Dry

  • Alc./Vol.: 6.4%

  • Apple Varieties: 100% Pacific Northwest Apples - Gala, Granny Smith, Fuji, Red Delicious, Honey Crisp

  • Yeast Strain: Belgian Origin

  • Pairs With: Bike rides and beach days, summer salads, cheese plates

These are just two of the several flavour options that they have available. Lekker proves that when you trust in your passion, are willing to experiment and test the limits you can recreate and celebrate some old school traditions and spark a new fire.

Lekker Cider

This weekend these ciders were the perfect accompaniment to hiking along the creek that flows at the base of the mountain that we call our second home, relaxing by the fire and sitting on the beach throwing sticks in the lake for Rooster. 

So wherever your summer adventures are taking you we highly suggest bringing these guys along for the ride. Make sure to learn a bit more about Liz and Brendan here and enjoy this fresh-pressed, mountain made craft.