A Floating Barn Beer Kinda Saturday

A Floating Barn Beer Kinda Saturday

I have said it before and I'll say it again and again. We are so lucky to live in the Foothills of Alberta because there are some seriously rad businesses that are sharing their passion with their customers. High River Brewing Co. is one of these gems. 

High River Brewing Co.

Their creative spin on beer is admirable and their branding is top-notch. I am pretty sure we love everything about what this brewery is doing just a few kilometers down the highway from us. 

For those reading this that aren't familiar with the tenacity, courage, and overall spirit of High River and what they have overcome I'll give you a tiny glimpse.

On June 20, 2013, Southern Alberta was hit by what has been dubbed the hundred-year flood. All 13,000 residents of High River were ordered to evacuate, the community was largely abandoned and the town suffered "unprecedented" damage. Lives were lost, businesses were shuttered, graduations were canceled but the town and surrounding communities rolled up their sleeves and became neighbors and friends like never before. They rose from disaster and the pride of the community in this town is palpable. 

Why is this important? Because this is part of High River Brewing Co.'s why. 

For them, it’s about more than beer. It’s about community. They chose High River because this town is made of people who have risen to every challenge – and come out stronger because of them.

"We didn’t set out to build a brewery in High River.
We set out to build High River’s brewery."

This brewery belongs to High River as much as it belongs to them. Their taproom is a place to celebrate with old friends and toast to new ones. It’s a place to share stories of triumph, folklore, and legend. They're there to brew the beers you’ll be drinking when you’re living out your next great story to tell.

So now that we know they are a local brand with a story. I should also share some of their creative marketing. Each of their beers has been cleverly named by all things Canadian and we simply love that.

I mean who doesn't want to tip back a Diving Fox? They currently have five types of beer available.

Floating Barn 4.5% 32IBU Our floating barn pale is brewed with barley from a craft malthouse that just happened to float our way. An approachable beer with flavour and aroma to suit a wide range of palates.

Diving Fox 6.5% 50IBU A cunning intro to our style of brewing. Diving Fox will gently push your comfort level. A toasty malt sweetness with citrus and tropical fruit notes that will make you crazy like a fox for India Pale Ale.

Rising Pheasant 5.0% 24IBU Our Rising Pheasant Brown Ale features a rich malt presence that offers a toasty flavour with hints of caramel and coffee. Accompanied by hops that provide a distinct bitterness and earthy tones, raise a wing with this dark beer.

Muddy Tail 6.0% 32IBU Like the great Canadian beaver, Muddy Tail is a protected species year-round. A strong roasted malt, yet pleasing to the palate, with flavours of dark chocolate and well-toasted bread. A dark beer worth slapping your tail over.

Sinking Porcupine Pilsner TEA-800 5.0% 9IBU - In this seasonal beer we created a blonde ale and infused it with a herbal fruit tea blend for a crisp refreshing summer beverage.

Today we wanted to feature the Floating Barn as it is one of our go-to beers. It's an easy-drinking Pale Ale that will appeal to most palates. Finding an approachable beer that has a well-rounded flavor that sits in a comfortable middle spectrum between light and dark is something that we always look for when wanting to have beer on hand for guests. 

High River Brewing

Nowadays with craft breweries popping up all over there are so many local options to choose from and everyone has their favourites, so having one beer that fits all can be a challenge when hosting a backyard BBQ or impromptu get together. If this is something that you shoot to achieve as well, this might just be your new go-to. 

Floating barn is mild, yet has enough character to stand out as something special. 

This weekend is full of mending fences, tending to the garden, mowing the grass and painting the house. The weather has been cooperating and we have been enjoying be able to reach for a can of this local craft as we tackle country living. 

Floating Barn Beer

Tonight we committed to packing it in early to connect as a family over a nice big charcuterie board with all of our favourites from the Italian Centre Shop as nothing pairs better than a Pale Ale and some good cheese and cured meats. 

Italian Centre Shop