Family Style

Family Style

This week have decided to switch things up for our Summer Series of Cocktails at the Farm and kick back family style with some quality time and simple pleasures. 

With all the buzzing of how things will or will not be normal as we transition into the fall and the next school year I for one have been feeling like I want to bury my head in the sand for a touch longer and soak in every second of summer and savour having the kids home where we have some sense of control. 

It is such a tough road to navigate trying to find balance within our own parameters as individual families while trying to coexist with new social norms. For us making conscious decisions is part of the fibre to what makes our family unit. We certainly don't always get it right but being able to look back and know what propelled us to take the actions we took means at least we did it with thought. 

Trying our best to support small local brands and enjoy the summer days while being as socially responsible as possible has been our top priority this season. It feels like the lists are forever growing as we approach September and this weekend I just felt the need to connect. 

So instead of whipping up fancy cocktails that Andrew and I can sip over quiet moments or torment our kids with (as they't not quite drinking age) we decided to invite them in and fall back on what is familiar, comforting and for good reason a go to for all of us. Which means are tossing aside the booze and trading it in for a cozy blanket in the grass and all of our favourite True Büch flavours this weekend.


There is something magical about gathering those you love in the fresh outdoors with some old school favs. If the weather cooperates and all the stars align (and our outdoor projector arrives in time) I am planning a movie under the stars with popcorn, all the chocolate and kombucha for all. If the movie is a no go we can throw down a good ol' fashioned game of Monopoly where we will all want to murder each other a half hour in and Andrew and I may need to spike our Büch to referee the boardwalk battles. 

Enough about our plans, let talk True Büch as they are our feature brand this week and if you know you know and if you don't its time to get acquainted. 

Louisa and Conrad Ferrel started True Büch Kombucha with the belief that improving gut health can be a delicious and sustainable endeavour and quite frankly they crushed it.

Since their humble adventures in home brewing almost a decade ago, they have been perfecting their kombucha recipe only using the best ingredients in the process. To this day, they still pride themselves on handcrafting delicious small batch kombucha with very little environmental impact, and on supporting local businesses while only using organic ingredients. 

They genuinely want their tasty product to have a positive influence on their customers’ digestive systems and - ultimately - lives. 

They are also passionate about collaboration with other local businesses, supporting their employees and community while adhering to zero waste principles. 

Obviously this is a brand that holds similar values to ours and just in principle is solid venture to get behind. They are a company that is walking the walk when it comes to giving back and truly being a member of the community. Their vision and passion to connect and make a difference is admirable, and it's easy to see why they have taken Calgary by storm when you get to know the pulse behind their brand. Take a peek here at a few of the amazing ways that they are giving back. 

All of their flavours are hand crafted and made with ingredients that are locally sourced from great companies across Calgary.  Each blend is loaded with flavour and focuses on giving back in its own unique way. They offer a wide array of flavours in bottles and on tap AND they can deliver right to your doorstep!

Gut health is something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember and it wasn't that long ago that I was introduced to kombucha as a way to aid in  restoring gut function. I had no idea what it was and to be honest if kind of freaked me out. But I am now a believer and the kids drink it solely because it tastes so good.

For the newbies out there True Büch explains what kombucha is perfectly by saying:

Kombucha is a uniquely delicious bubbly fermented tea elixir with Asian roots dating back over 2000 years.  It is full of living probiotics, enzymes and amino acids that are all beneficial for the digestive system.

An easy way to think about it, is that kombucha is to tea what yogurt is to milk.

What we love about Trüe Buch is that they strive to be as sustainable as they can by:

  • Selling most of their kombucha in draught form through the use of refillable bottles.
  • All of their waste from the brewing process is composted.

  • Their kegs are repurposed pop kegs that we refurbish and reuse.

  • They work with small scale local retailers, and their ingredients are sourced through local companies.

  • Most of their locations are local retailers who are focused on their communities

With a variety of current and kicked up flavours there is one that everyone will fall in love with. We are currently partaking in them all. Take a look at what they currently have bottled here and experiment with what ones you like best.

One thing that I love about büch is that it doesn't matter what season it is you can find a way to enjoy it. There are also SO many incredible recipes where you can use kombucha as your base for cocktails and mock-tails when entertaining. So get yourself acquainted and be prepared for a new addiction that your guts will thank you for. 

I currently have basement renovation plans on my mind and I am convinced that having TrueBüch on tap is key for the bar win. I'm pretty sure I can swing it as it shouldn't be a hard sell.