Burwood Medica Honey Liqueur - Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito

Burwood Medica Honey Liqueur - Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito

When we came up with the idea of our Summer Series it was dreamt up as a way to celebrate local businesses and share the heart of the amazing brands that are nestled right here in our own community. 

When Covid hit and it changed the way that we all navigate summer patio season it also reshaped the way so many small businesses were able to operate and share their unique experiences. 

Burwood Distillery is a place that we have had on our list to explore for a while now and our intent was to drop in for an afternoon of tastings this summer and follow that up with a cozy charcuterie board in the Fargo Loft. 

I had seen glimpses of their brand through social media and in the community and the thought of leaning back into the nostalgic leather sofas (that were actually used in the filming of Fargo) on a rainy evening sipping on locally handcrafted cocktails just seemed like the perfect the way to unwind and decompress. 

But then as we know life shifted and everyone had to make sacrifices. Our intention was to be able to invite you into our space while sharing some of these local gems through recipes and experience that you can bring to your own homes. 

So, partnering with Burwood Distillery is a true pleasure and this week we are super excited to share something special from them with you. But first, let me tell you a bit more about them!

Burwood Distillery started as an idea between friends and blossomed into a common vision to celebrate Alberta’s agriculture by bringing world-class spirits to a thirsty town.

Visit Burwood Distillery to learn about how old- world craftsmanship and locally sourced ingredients are the perfect blend for exceptional spirits. Burwood is steeped in community, passion, and elevated through connection.

They believe that by creating new world flavors, spins on traditional and sometimes forgotten styles, people will get excited for craft spirits. Burwood Distillery is a space to connect, and to disconnect.

Jordan, Marko, and Ivan came together with their combined talents to bring you a truly unique experience that you can only get right here in Calgary. I believe that friendships come together for so many reasons and it is no mistake that these three fostered a friendship that ultimately made for a beautifully balanced business venture. 

Jordan, having helped create and run the Olds College Brewmaster and Brewery Operations Management Program, brought a unique perspective to the team.

The distillery is completely hand-built and styled after a mixture of old-world Eastern European & Scottish farm-styled distilleries combined with new world craft beer methodologies. To help bring this unique build-out to life, Marko spent tireless hours building the distillery, literally from the dirt floor up.

To round out the distillery experience, Ivan brought a keen eye for marketing and business development to craft a unique cocktail lounge experience coupled with highly informative tours and tastings.

All three partners believe strongly in the importance of community. At Burwood local is a way of life.

Their barley is grown and malted right here in Alberta by Rahr Malting Company of Alix, AB. Their honey comes from Ivan and Marko’s dad’s honeybees just outside of Chestermere, AB, and through Greidanus Honey Mill in High River, AB.

They hand-crush every grain, hand-scoop every ounce of honey, distill every drop, and bottle and package it all in their northeast NE Calgary facility.

The Fargo Loft is a place that you are definitely going to want to take in.

The Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge offers a casual yet modern environment to enjoy the distilleries' fine spirits and farm-to-table eats.

Whether you pull up a stool at the bar and sample each spirit or take a seat overlooking the distillation process and enjoy a signature cocktail and a charcuterie board. Either way, there’s no better place to explore the taste sensations of a locally crafted drink. The kitchen also offers hand-made hearty sandwiches’, including authentic Croatian Ćevapi, and artisanal sharing plates to pair with your spirit of choice.

Ease into the luxurious leather seats and you might even recognize them. In fact, our cocktail lounge relaxed style leather furniture is primarily from the hit Netflix series, Fargo (season 3), filmed in Calgary, Alberta.

So let's dig in and share with you this week's feature:

Medica Honey Liqueur.

Sweetened with raw local honey (miel), this uniquely Albertan homage to traditional eastern European medica uses single malt barley (orge) as the base.

This honey liqueur is commonly sipped, lightly chilled, or used to

add sweetness to cocktails. Bottled at 28% ABV

Burwood Distillery

Recommended pairings:

Sweet desserts, including locally produced honey cakes (known locally in Europe as Medovnik).

Can be steeped with chamomile tea and other herbs to add further complexity as a soothing night-cap.

Today we wanted to share a unique cocktail using this liqueur as it has the perfect summer balance of sweet and fresh flavours. We have used our farm-grown mint and Drizzle Honey for this recipe and I promise it doesn't disappoint. We are sharing our own take on their Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito

Pineapple Cinnamon Mojito


1.5 oz Rum

1/2 oz of Medica Honey Liqueur

1 oz pineapple juice

3 lime wedges

6-8 mint leaves

Soda water


In a tall glass lightly muddle the lime and mint leaves, fill the glass with ice and add the remaining ingredients. Top with soda water to taste. Garnish with cinnamon stick and mint sprig.

Burwood Distillery

I love a crisp mojito when the temperatures rise and am always looking for a way to switch up this traditional cocktail. The Medica Honey Liqueur adds a soft sweetness that blends beautifully with the fresh mint and lime. If you are feeling extra fancy you can substitute the pineapple juice for pineapple syrup which you can make yourself at home as well.

Our week has been a balance of work, tending to the garden, chipping away at the exterior of the house, and welcoming back some of our goats that have been visiting our friends down the road for the past year. We hope that you will find time to join these guys for a tour of their distillery, a dining experience, or by adding some of their incredible spirits and sodas to your home bar.