Sea Otter Craft - Paper Lunch Bag

Sea Otter Craft - Paper Lunch Bag

With our kids home from school the days can quickly become long and borning. It's time to pull together mamas (and dads!) and get creative. 

We thought we would share a simple craft that can be done to repurpose kraft paper lunch bags. We love finding multiple purposes for items we have around the house and this is a great way to use what you have and inspire your kids to keep busy. We have also provided links so you and your child can cozy up with their new stuffed friend and learn all about otters. 

Ok, here we go!

You’ll love this stuffed paper bag sea otter! You can make it as easy or as detailed as you like. Simply stuff a paper lunch bag and add the sea otter template pieces to create your otter. You can add details to your otter - like a sea star, baby sea otter, tissue paper kelp, or any other ideas you might have. 

Sea otters are some of our favorite sea animals to observe and learn about - and there are so many interesting facts about them (and they're crazy cute). Check out this website to learn more about sea otters and ideas for how we can protect them here.

Paper Bag Sea Otter Craft for Kids

Materials for Paper Bag Sea Otter Craft

  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Newspaper or other material to stuff your lunch bag
  • Rubber Band
  • White cardstock and brown crayon or colored pencil (or paper bag colored cardstock)
  • Scissors
  • Glue 
  • Free Printable Sea Otter Template
  • Optional: Green tissue paper for making kelp 
  • Optional: Printable Baby Sea Otter

Directions for Paper Bag Sea Otter Craft

1. Stuff a brown paper lunch bag about 2/3 full with newspaper or other material (shredded paper, fiberfill, etc.)

stuff a brown paper lunch bag to make your sea otter craft

2. Gather the bag together below the stuffing and rubber band it together.

rubberband the bag together

3. Cut the bottom of the paper bag (below the rubber band) into two, creating two sea otter feet.

cut the bottom portion of the bag apart to create the sea otter legs

4. Print out the sea otter template. If printing it out on white card stock, color your sea otter brown. If printing it out on paper bag colored card stock, you can add some brown details or leave it as is.

print out the free sea otter template printable PDF

5. Cut out the head, two arms, and two feet.

print out the free sea otter template printable PDF

6. Glue or staple them onto your stuffed paper bag.

sea otter paper bag craft for kids with free printable template

7. Optional: Make seaweed or kelp using tissue paper to go with your sea otter. Cut long strips of green tissue paper and twist them. Glue on some paper leaves to finish your kelp.


sea otter paper bag craft for kids with baby sea otter and tissue paper kelp, includes free sea otter template printable

8. Optional: Add some details to your sea otter craft. Print out the baby sea otter and glue him to his mother sea otter. Or color and cut out starfish from our baby sea otter template.

Once your stuffed otter is done, grab a cozy blanket, cuddle up together and take a peek at the websites above to learn all about your new sea mammal and how they live in their natural habitat. 

*This craft is inspired by


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