Living in alignment with nature has never been more simple

Every detail is designed with you and the environment in mind.

Taking the guesswork out of where to start. Natural products designed to last.

Encouraging you to consume less by purchasing Better.

Featured in the 2022 Summer Jilly Box

Natural Cotton Mesh Bag Set

Featured in the Summer 2022 Jilly Box

Natural Cotton Mesh Bag Set

The Better Farm Co

Sustainable living, made simple.

We create thoughtfully designed, natural products that allow you to live more consciously. One small step at a time.

Our Story

Each year in Canada 29,000 tonnes of plastic waste finds its way into our natural environment.

Each product is designed to reduce the amount of plastic waste that finds its way into our natural environment each year.

At Home

Guiding you to a natural home

Reusable Bags

Helping you carry the load more consciously

On The Go

Days are busy ~ Helping you be prepared

Setting the bar and setting us apart.

Certified Organic Cotton

Low impact materials is where our journey starts

Pieces are designed to mix and match

Creating a set that works perfectly for you

Organic cotton can be backyard composted

or recycled at the end of their life cycle.

All products give back to humans and the environment

Women owned, Canadian based

We believe in living naturally,

by being intentional about the choices we make and choosing to do more with less.


The Better Farm Co shopping bags have been one of the most helpful tools to a more sustainable home. The bags are so sturdy and hold so much. We have had our set for years and are still in the same great shape as when we purchased them.

~Sarah Dawes

~ Salty Sea Dogs

The Better Farm Co apron is a staple in our studio. I’m a potter and constantly covered in mud. This apron is the perfect length and design to keep my clothes protected while never impeding my movements. The cross back closure is perfect for all day wear without rubbing or irritation.

~ Salty Sea Dogs

~DYP Refillery

I am so grateful for The Better Farm Co. and their reusable cotton bags!⁠ I haven't had plastic grocery bags in my house since 2019! I used to have such a back stock piled up underneath my sink because I am a "daily grocery shopper." This used to mean plastic bags were constantly accumulating.⁠ Swapping to The Better Farm Co. reusable bags has been the most significant eco-friendly change I've made and I love it!⁠

~DYP Refillery

Always Beautiful ~ Never Harmful

Introducing our eco-friendly Natural Cotton Shopping Sets -  practical and sustainable.

Giving Back

Our mark is about not leaving a mark - Join the movement and bring Better choices into your routine today. Together we can create lasting sustainable impact for years to come.

Many Trees Planted

One small change can feel insignificant. Many small changes, all moving in the same direction, can shape the world.

Water For All

We donate to to provide access to safe water and sanitation for people in the developing world. Each water bottle purchase will provide someone in need access to safe water for up to 5yrs.

Working To Carbon Neutral

A portion from every purchase goes towards Shopify’s Offset initiative that helps to reduce the emissions involved in your order’s shipping process, meaning that each order contributes to a cleaner tomorrow.